Tuesday 11 January 2011

Finally! Some Good News

It took me a while, but amidst the debris that littered the landscape following the nuclear explosion of the CSR, I've found a little good news. In the Research Design Service South East Newsletter, the Department of Health (through the NIHR and the DH Policy Research Programme) has pledged to increase spending on health research in real-terms over the period of the Comprehensive Spending Review.

Finally! Some good news. Professor Dame Sally Davies, the Director General for R&D at the Department of Health, welcomed the news. "This is a great settlement. The Government has again confirmed its support for health research in the strongest way possible.' She went on:‘This is an explicit recognition of the key role played by health research in driving improvements in the health of the population and in the economic growth of our country. It is also a ringing endorsement of the place that NIHR now occupies in the landscape of the UK.’

Good news. Not so good for non-health research admittedly ('you want funding to study medieval manuscripts? Isn't there a 'medival manuscripts for patient benefit' angle that you can exploit?'), but in today's world, you take your solace where you can.

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