Wednesday, 6 January 2010

ERC Success Rates

UKRO has published some information on success rates for the ERC Advanced Grants.
UKRO understands that the overall success rate for the second call, ERC-2009-AdG, was around 15%. This compares to an overall success rate of 12.6% for the first Call, ERC-2008-AdG (although the success rate for grants hosted in the UK success rate was about 20% for that call). UKRO understands that the ERC hope to fund around 230 proposals for the current call.

For the last call, the ERC has done some analysis of who got what. In terms of Host Institution, of the 200 ‘main list’ grants awarded, the UK had most grants with 52 (26% of the 200 grants, which compares to 21% of grants in the ERC-2008-AdG call). The other countries hosting grants were: Switzerland (27); France (26); Germany (25); the Netherlands (15); Italy (14); Sweden (10); Israel (9); Spain (8); Austria, Denmark and Norway (3 each); Belgium, Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Poland (1 each).In terms of PI nationality, of the 200 ‘main list’ grants, the most successful country is the UK with 48 PIs being of British nationality (equating to 24% of the 200 PIs having British nationality, which compares to 17% for the ERC-2008-AdG Call). Other PIs are nationals of: Germany and France (26 each); Italy (21); the Netherlands (17); Israel (10); Sweden (9); Switzerland and Spain (8 each); Austria, Denmark and Greece (4 each); Belgium (3); the USA (2); Cyprus, Finland, Croatia, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Norway, Poland, Romania and South Africa (1 each).

More information available in the UKRO article here.

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