Wednesday, 16 December 2009

How Leverhulme Assesses Applications

I had an interesting conversation with Leverhulme the other day, and got to the heart of the process grant applications go through with them. I've always said that applicants need to speak to a very general audience when pitching to Leverhulme, and understanding the process that proposals go through makes this all too clear. So here's the low down:

  • At the Outline Stage your application is sent to a member of the 35 strong ‘Advisory Panel,’ made up of academics from across the remit of Leverhulme (i.e. Sciences, Social Sciences and Humanities). Depending on the amount, the application will either be seen by one (if it’s less than £250k) or two (if it’s more than £250k);
  • Their comments are sent to the Director, who approves (or, indeed, overrules) them.

  • At the Full Application Stage it is sent to four referees: 2 suggested by you, 2 identified by them. They are not people on the Advisory Panel.

  • Based on these reviews, the Trustees make the final decision. So the Trustees have more influence than I initially thought. Below is a list of who they are, together with links for a little background:

  • Sir Michael Angus (Chairman)

  • Sir Michael Perry

  • Mr N W A Fitzgerald

  • Mr P J-P Cescau

  • Dr A S Ganguly – I think this is the one

  • Mr A C Butler

  • Sir Iain Anderson

  • Professor Sir Richard Brook (the Director)

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